SMS subscribers segments
Segments allow you to segment your SMS subscribers into different groups, for example, according to how much money they’ve spent, how many orders they’ve placed, subscriber location and more.
Segmenting your SMS subscribers means that you can send more targeted text messages to your subscribers, according to where they are in the customer journey. Targeted text messages can drastically improve your conversions, and in turn, boost sales for your store!
You can filter your SMS subscribers according to:
    Money spent
    Number of orders they’ve placed
    Whether they’ve placed an order (or not)
    The date the SMS subscriber was created
    Whether they accept marketing messages
    What they’ve been tagged with
    Where they’re located
    If they’ve clicked a link
Within your Tobi dashboard, you’ll see that we’ve already set up certain segments for you; these are applied automatically:
    Active subscribers
    Accepts marketing (Yes), Clicked a link (Yes)
    Converted subscribers
    Accepts marketing (Yes), Number of orders (Greater than 0)
Last modified 8mo ago
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