We’ve spent the last several months gathering feedback from our users on how we can make Tobi even better. You asked, and we listened. Now we’re working on releasing the best version of Tobi yet. 

Robust features means more sales, AND higher value sales. We are currently one of the top apps for improving abandoned cart rates (and we all know how terrifying abandoned carts can be!). 

Current users of Tobi experience average conversion rates of 5.4% for SMS messages and almost 6% for Facebook Messenger! Those are some of the strongest numbers in the eCommerce industry.  

With a focus on continual improvement, comes a natural increase in the cost of development. Starting on November 10th, we will be implementing a monthly plan of fee of $29 USD per month*, plus % from generated revenue

When working on a payment structure, we wanted to be fair and base it off of results, not a generic pricing tier.  We value you and we want this app to continue to be valuable to you! 

Please find detailed information about the pricing plans here.

Thank you for you being part of our Tobi App Family!  

*You will be charged based on the number of on the total number of sales generated from the application, starting at $29/month. You won’t need to opt in again since upgrades and downgrades happen automatically based on the sales Tobi generates. Please note that SMS message pricing is based on usage. SMS pricing can be found here

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