In advance of BFCM, we suggest trying out Tobi segments to help you better target specific groups of SMS subscribers. 


As of now, you can segment your audience using a variety of filters, helping you to send targeted SMS messages with ease. 

You can filter your SMS subscribers according to:

  • Money spent
  • Number of orders they’ve placed
  • Whether they’ve placed an order (or not)
  • The date the subscriber was created
  • Whether they accept marketing messages
  • What they’ve been tagged with
  • Where they’re located
  • If they’ve clicked a link

Why segment your SMS subscribers for BFCM?

If you’re running deals for the Black Friday period, Tobi segments can help you identify which subscribers are best to target. For example, those customers who regularly order from your store may appreciate advance notice of your sale. Segmenting your subscribers by those who have clicked a link previously will give you a list of “active” subscribers - those who are more likely to interact with your marketing messages again.

Audience segmentation helps you to personalize your marketing campaigns so that you send out highly relevant communications. Targeted campaigns lead to better conversion rates and more sales for your store!

Further reading

For more details on Tobi segments, view our FAQs.

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