Go into your Facebook Business Manager, then:

  1. Click on the burger menu - top left of your screen
  2. Click on “All tools” - bottom right of the expanded menu
  3. Click on “Catalogues”
  4. Click on “Your Catalogue”
  5. Click on “Add Sources”
  6. Click “Manually”
  7. Select “Scheduling”
  8. Paste Tobi URL here
  9. Click “Save”

Then go back to your business account and go to the “Catalogues” section.

  1. Click “Create Catalogue”, choose “E-commerce”, and enter a catalogue name.
  2. Click on “Create”
  3. Click on “View Catalogue”
  4. Find “Product Data Sources” link and enter it
  5. Click “Add Data Source”
  6. Choose “Use Data Feeds”
  7. Select ‘Set a Schedule”
  8. Paste the Tobi URL to the “Add a Data Feed URL” box.
  9. Click “Upload”
  10. Once it’s uploaded, you’re all set!
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